Jeff Gentry

Co-founder and Chief Commerical Officer

Relevant Experience:35 years

Education:Bachelor of Science, Engineering Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Experience in the field

  • Temperature/Humidity Chamber Control/Data Collection for SpO2 Sensor Characterization
  • Respiratory Gas Monitor (Software & System Testing)
  • Pulse Oximeter (Embedded Software Development and V&V)
  • TeleOximetry Software (Windows Application Development & V&V)
  • Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor -SpO2, NBP, Temp, ECG (Software V&V Lead)
  • Infusion Pump (Software V&V Lead)
  • Glucose Meter (Software V&V Lead)
  • Catheter Automated QC Measurement System (.NET Software Development)
  • Arterial Plaque Excision Imaging System (Technical Project Manager)
  • Left Ventricle Assist Device (Technical Project Manager)
  • Next Generation Flow Cytometer Demonstration Prototype (Technical Project Manager)
  • Percussive CPAP Engineering Prototype (Technical Project Manager)
  • Implantable Cardiac Device Monitor (Engineering Solutions Manager)
  • Next Generation Glucose Meter (Engineering Solutions Manager)
  • Prototype for Distributed Architecture on a Dialysis Machine (Technical Project Manager)
  • Digital Fluorescent Microscope for Clinical Laboratory Applications (Executive Management)
  • Hypothermic Perfusion System for Cancer Treatment (Executive Management)
  • Portable Digital Fluorescent Microscope for Field Applications (Executive Management)
  • Multiple Electrosurgical Technology Development Projects

What is your vision and mission for Tensentric?

Wade and I started Tensentric to put together a great team that is passionate about medical device development. Our goal is to work with clients as partners instead of in the traditional vendor/customer model of outsourcing. In our experience working for/with other service companies, they haven’t been able to create the same thing we have at Tensentric. We believed something unique could be crafted, so we created a place where team members could enjoy their work and be treated well.

What are the key differentiators of Tensentric?

The Team is composed of very senior, experienced engineers, the best of the best that Wade and I have worked with over the past 15-20 years. We focus on becoming a better design partner, especially in developing innovative ways of working with our client partners with the right incentives. And we continue our efforts to further develop and refine Phase Zero, leading to better and more efficient medical device development with better outcomes.

What are the key things you look for when hiring employees?

We look for people with significant bandwidth, not just intelligence, but the ability to get things done. We also look for their ability (personality and make up) to work in the services industry, and their ability to understand and make our clients a priority.