Tensentric has a proven track record of designing complex, highly integrated cross-disciplinary life sciences instruments and consumables. Our expertise in fluidics, optics, mechanics, electronics, and software allows us to develop transformative research tools that meet the unique needs of our life sciences clients.

Giving Life Science Researchers the Tools They Need to Drive Innovation

Tensentric works with life science instruments and consumables providers to develop transformative research tools

From sample prep to analytical instruments to high throughput automation and liquid handling, we know our way around a lab. We’re passionate about designing products that help scientists on the cusp of discovery answer their big research questions.

We believe that the intersection of biology and engineering has been and will continue to be an area ripe for discovery and technological development. That’s why we work with our life sciences clients to put our engineering team’s extensive fluidics, optical, mechanical, electrical, and software expertise to good use creating platforms for tomorrow’s biotech discoveries.

Cross-disciplinary Team to Support Your Development 

Tensentric’s BSL-2 lab and biochemical literacy help us streamline life sciences product development and keep your end users in mind

Life science research tools must be fundamentally designed around the biological phenomena they look to tackle, whether it’s purifying and enriching a sample or taking high resolution images of single cells. We’ve learned from decades of experience that early prototypes and development for products like this should be done with representative biological samples in order to mitigate development risks of surprise effects causing product development delays.

That’s why we built a fit-for-purpose biosafety level 2 molecular biology laboratory and a team of biochemical engineers to bring our client’s chemistry in-house to do high-fidelity testing as early on as possible, shortening the design iteration cycle and minimizing development and integration risk. At the end of the day, your life sciences product needs to work for the scientists, so we integrate our scientists into our teams to ensure that voice is never lost.


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Our Clients Include…

A small sample list of Tensentric's clients
A small sample list of Tensentric's clients

We serve a broad spectrum of clients from early-stage start-ups through large and well-established medical and life sciences OEMs.