Shari Nelson

Independent Quality Engineer

Relevant Experience:37 years

Education:Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, California State University, Fullerton, CA

Experience in the field

  • Pulse oximeter sensor engineering when it was new medical technology in 1984
  • Transcutaneous CO2 and O2 sensors
  • Anesthesia monitors
  • Metabolic measurement monitors
  • Engineering documentation, specifications, data analysis, verification and validation, clinical and usability testing, and manufacturing support.

What’s the most interesting Medical Device project you’ve worked on and why?

I really loved watching the robotic motion of the automated testing and production equipment for the high voleme pulse oximeter sensors that one of my teams produced. It was exciting to work with that system. Althrough pulse oximetry seems like a mystery, the theory pulse ox measurement is simple and elegent. It’s interesting to watch that theory come to life.

What do you like about working at Tensentric?

The people at Tensentric are great to work with. I have known some of these engineers for many years, so it feels a little like family. Everyone is so smart, respectful, friendly and productive that it’s like a dream team!

What unique set of skills do you bring to Tensentric?

I am very detail-oriented and committed to quality, so Tensentric’s customers can count on me to produce high quality engineering and test documentation. I bring a lot of experience and understanding of what it takes to get things done in the medical device industry, and I’m determined to stick with things until they are done right. I’m good at working with engineering teams, including remote and international teams.

If you couldn’t be an engineer what would you be? Why?

I would work for a non-profit that helps seniors or people with physical disabilities.

What hobbies or non-work activities are you most passionate about?

I like to run and ride my bike on city trails, volunteer, and spend time with my family.