Jordan Fritz

Project Manager

Relevant Experience:6 years

Education:M.S. Engineering Management - Penn State University, State College, PA B.S. Electrical Engineering - University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI Minor, Mathematics - University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Experience in the field

Before joining Tensentric, I spent 4 years in the aerospace industry as a Systems Engineer. I worked on a variety of software projects; however, the majority of my time was devoted to supporting the program management office.

What do you like about working at a company that designs medical products?

The far-reaching positive impacts that medical devices can have makes this industry tremendously rewarding and using my engineering skills and knowledge in a way that is so helpful to so many people is extremely gratifying. Working on such enormous engineering challenges with people who are super talented and passionate makes it that much better.

What you do like about working at Tensentric?

My favorite thing about working at Tensentric is the variety of projects that we get to work on. Each project poses unique challenges and requires different skill sets so there is never a boring day. Tensentric also has a very collaborative work environment, not only within the company between employees but also with our clients, which makes the work that much more rewarding. More generally, working on medical devices and bringing positive impacts to peoples’ lives is an incredible opportunity to do something I love while helping others.

What unique set of skills do you bring to Tensentric?

With a background in electrical engineering, software development, systems engineering, and project management, I have a diverse skill set that allows me to discuss and connect concepts and problems across engineering disciplines. In addition, my communication style is well suited for collaboration and working with client teams which is a vital part of the Tensentric business.

If you could work on any type of medical device project, what would it be and why?

I find neurological devices extremely interesting because of the difficulties and challenges associated with them. I like to “think big”, and it doesn’t get much bigger than the challenges and impacts advancements in neurological device technology could have for so many people.

What hobbies or non-work activities are you most passionate about?

By far my favorite activity is skiing, specifically ski touring. I enjoy spending my mornings at Arapahoe Basin using their uphill access option before the lifts open, and I have my AIARE 1 avalanche certification for the backcountry. In the summer, my time is spent camping and fly fishing.

Where are you from and how did you end up in Colorado?

I grew up in Wisconsin and attended UW-Madison. After graduating, I traveled around Asia and lived in Sydney, Australia for 6 months. Once I moved back to Wisconsin, I started dating my girlfriend, Nicole, and followed her out to Colorado shortly thereafter.

If you could join one rock band, which one would you join and why?

If we aren’t considering Jimmy Buffett a rock band, I would have to go with the Eagles. I like that they have so many different sounds and styles, and I like the combination of folk, country, bluegrass etc. in their music.

If you couldn’t be an engineer, what would you be? Why?

I would want to be a professional tennis player. I grew up playing tennis and it would be an incredible experience traveling the world and enjoying the time outdoors.