August 19, 2016 / BY

Tensentric’s Thirst for Knowledge

One fascinating thing about engineers is their desire to continuously learn and develop their skills. Tensentric helps satisfy that need by offering on-site lunch & learns. This month we focused on two topics.

The mechanical engineering and ID/UX/HF staff hosted a drawing class. Bob Smith, head ME reported that “This hands-on class, led by Gregg Harvey, a drawing instructor from the Design department at AIC (Art Institute of Colorado), emphasizes how hand-drawn sketches can be a quick, versatile and valuable tool for communicating ideas and concepts between development team members and clients.”

In addition, about 30 staff members at Tensentric, learned about CLIA and how to design with CLIA waived medical device parameters in mind. Although this is not new information to the HF staff, Tensentric believes that all design engineers benefit from staying current on their disciplines skill set as well as that of related engineering disciplines so teams all address a design project with common goals. The lecture and small group activity format helped the team understand the process a medical device goes through to qualify as CLIA Waived.

One astute participant commented, “This insight can factor into design brainstorming even when a product isn’t specifically going to be CLIA Waived since the principles revolve around simplicity and intuitiveness which all products can benefit from.” Can’t wait to see what next month’s topic will be!