January 24, 2017 / by Tensentric

EWH/Tensentric Design Competition Winners

We are very excited to show off the 2016 EWH/Tensentric Design Competition Winners! As EWH posted on their social site, “the ingenuity of all the participants demonstrates the significant impact engineering solutions can have on healthcare challenges around the world”.

1st Place

1st prize went to the Uninterruptible Surgical Light from UNSW Australia. To read the top 3 winners posters, visit our Facebook or LinkedIn sites where you can click and enlarge them.

Uninterruptible Surgical Light

2nd Place

Second place in the EWH/Tensentric Design Competition went to a team from the University of Toronto who realized that understanding the patient is integral to good care, and language barriers can make that almost impossible. Check out their poster for more information about the project.

Second Place

3rd Place

Third place in the EWH/Tensentric Design Competition, and my personal favorite name, went to the Washington University team from St. Louis. The WOOTA project stands for Water Out of Think Air so in addition to a cool name, it could be a groundbreaking invention. It is frightening that access to clean water becomes a medical issue affecting millions of people each year. Read the team’s poster to learn more about the problem and the WOOTA project’s solution.