September 14, 2016 / by Tensentric

Tensentric Wins 2nd place at Colorado Startup Brews

Tensentric took 2nd in the Belgian beer category with their 2-Sprint Saison at Colorado Startup Brews. Nice job Brew Crew! The event raised over $35,000 for the Dear Jack Foundation, served over 80 Craft Beers from 30+ Colorado startups and sold out, the third year in a row with 700+ attendees. The attendees enjoyed tasting quality brews and networking with other startups.

Check out more pics at the event web album. Read below for an interview with the Tensentric Brew Crew (Ethan, Jay, David, Kathleen, James, Mike and Ralph) about the teamwork and the beers:

What beers did you submit?

We brewed two beers. The first is a single hop Mosaic IPA. We all really liked a couple commercial Mosaic IPAs so we decided to make our own. We call it Hoptimistic IPA because we are pretty optimistic that it is a winner. It sits around 6% abv, maybe around 60 IBUs, and has a really nice fruity hop flavor and aroma. The other beer is a revised version of our 2-Sprint Saison submitted last year. It scored pretty well and we received some really helpful feedback from the judges so we implemented the feedback and brewed it again. It is more of a heavy hitter around 9% abv and has a pretty classic Saison flavor, but is a bit more hopped.

What is your experience brewing?

As a company, we’ve only been brewing for a year now, but individuals at the company have been brewing for 3-4 years. We made one beer not too long ago that we named Burnout IPA because it literally tasted and smelled like burnt rubber. Fortunately we won’t be submitting that one for feedback and no one else will have the displeasure of drinking it.

Who brewed the beer?

A handful of us at Tensentric, known as the Brew Crew, brewed the beers both onsite and offsite. We actually just made a little fermentation chamber in one of our closets at the office to help us win the competition. It has only been coated with explosive beer a couple of times.

What is your favorite commercial beer to drink?

Most of us are big beer fans and our tastes all vary, but there is never a shortage of Grapefruit Sculpin’ in our office fridge.

Besides go to Disney Land, what do you plan to do when you win the coveted Keg Tap?

We’d probably all retire and live a life of luxury with the cash prize we get. Oh, and enjoy the fame. Definitely in it for the fame.