news: 2016

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Tensentric’s Tremendous Community Food Share Donation

During this season of giving Tensentric’s food drive engendered a spirit of competition too. The teams competed to see who could gather the most food and the Software Team came out on top with 1,252 pounds! That is more than all of Tensentric gave last year.

Stories from EWH's Summer Engineering Interns

This summer, Tensentric sponsored 13 engineering students who participated in Engineering World Health's (EWH) Summer Institute. They headed out for their summers in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Nepal, where they lived with host families and experienced a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. EWH has sent 700 students to third world countries since 2004. While there, they fixed 6,500 pieces of equipment, worth an estimated $13 million, getting the devices back to saving lives. The following article is a glimpse into the students summer through pictures and their update letters.

Tensentric’s Non-project Related Creativity Challenge

Tensentric’s non-project creativity challenge, AKA Halloween Costume contest, just got real! The results were close but the Free Lunch team (Jay, Justin, David and Ethan) received the most votes with Godzilla/Mothra (Bob and Mike) and Operation (Kevin, Sara, Keir, Kathleen, Kelsey and Susan) tied for second. And yes, he buzzed if you hit the edge!

Tensentric's 4th Annual Oktoberfest Rocked!

It was a gorgeous fall day for Tensentric’s 4th Annual Front Range Medical Device Oktoberfest. Chef Jackson Lamb created a feast from the traditional German fare with everything from brats to strudel. The Zero Doubt Brew Crew provided a stout beer, and there were plenty of other Oktoberfest beers to try. Rob provided his dad’s traditional music to finish the authentic feel .

Tensentric Wins 2nd place at Colorado Startup Brews

Tensentric took 2nd in the Belgian beer category with their 2-Sprint Saison at Colorado Startup Brews. Nice job Brew Crew! The event raised over $35,000 for the Dear Jack Foundation, served over 80 Craft Beers from 30+ Colorado startups and sold out, the third year in a row with 700+ attendees. The attendees enjoyed tasting quality brews and networking with other startups.

Tensentric’s Thirst for Knowledge

One fascinating thing about engineers is their desire to continuously learn and develop their skills. Tensentric helps satisfy that need by offering on-site lunch & learns. This month we focused on two topics.

Tensentric HF Engineer Discusses FDA Released Updated Human Factors Guidance

Elise Edson, Senior User Experience & Human Factors Engineer, commented on the newly released human factors guidance. “Now that the FDA draft guidance is ‘final’, it gives Tensentric and our clients a lot more clarity on what's required and expected for HFE. There was a lot of industry feedback!”

Tensentric Celebrates Memorial Day by Moving

Don’t worry, the company isn’t moving, but the employees are getting major steps on their company Fitbits! Tensentric employees enjoyed a gorgeous day and inspiring events around Colorado this past Memorial Day weekend. Read more about the races and check out the pics.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Tensentric’s Cinco de Mayo Celebration, catered by Jackson Lamb with margaritas concocted by Jamie Tabaka, gave the team a chance to enjoy some non-work time together. Thanks for coordinating a relaxing and tasty event Kendra and Jamie and for sponsoring Jeff and Wade.

Tensentric Sponsors the ACS Relay for Life Run

Tensentric sponsored this year’s American Cancer Society (ACS) Relay for Life held April 1 in Boulder at the CU recreation center. The Tensentric team geared up for a fun night running/walking, including a few laps that pulled at the heartstrings (hope, survivor and remember).

Tensentric Ski Day!

Tensentric declared March 3 a holiday and they headed to Mary Jane at Winter Park for “Ski Day”. It proved to be a perfect ski day. Gorgeous weather and soft snow awaited the 28 employees who made the 2-hour drive to ski and hang out. Thanks to Jeff and Wade for supporting this team building day out of the office.

Tensentric and Phillips/Volcano Team Up to Help the AVF

Tensentric donated $18,000 to AVF as part of our Partners in Caring program with Volcano, the global leader in intravascular imaging for coronary and peripheral applications. The presentation was made at the American Venous Forum (AVF) annual meeting in Orlando by Tonya Ambrose, Tensentric Marketing Manager, and David Goodman, Phillips/Volcano Associate Director of Global Market Development. Partners in Caring gives one dollar for each hour worked to charity each year.

Computational Models of Attention talk by Christopher Wickens at Tensentric

Tensentric was happy to host the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s Rocky Mountain chapter Human Factors MeetUp group last night. Our own human factors specialist Elise Edson is serving as the Rocky Mountain HFES president this year. The turnout was great, with 42 people attending a presentation by human factors expert Dr. Christopher Wickens on “Computational Models of Attention.”

Tensentric Celebrates 7 Years of Rock Star Medical Device Contract Design

Tensentric celebrated our 7th Anniversary in January! After a rocking party at the Riverhouse in Boulder on Saturday night, we are ready to get down to another year of designing new and better medical devices for our amazing clients.

Tensentric Co-sponsors EWH Design Competition

The 2016 EWH-Tensentric Design Competition invites students to submit innovative designs for life-saving medical technology that can make a difference in low-resource settings. Design Teams can choose to work on any project relevant to the medical instrumentation needs of resource-poor areas.

Tensentric gives $10,000 to the American Cancer Society for Work with Inovio Pharmaceutical

Our final donation for 2015 has special meaning. Tensentric gave $10,000 to the American Cancer Society (ACS) for hours worked on the Inovio Pharmceutical project. ACS was chosen to honor the memory of Don Smith’s wife Shelly, who passed away in 2015 due to cancer.